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I am a stay at home mom-preneur to my little Olivia Mae and we are expecting our next little gal Jan 2015! I am a bonified girly girl, and addicted to crafting. Like many of you, these interesting economic times have forced me to think outside the box about my love affair with shopping, which lead me to making my own accessories. I actually get more compliments on the pieces Ive made then the coveted pieces I have saved up to purchase! So this is my new passion; eye catching recycled vintage, and vintage inspired jewelry pieces at prices we can feel good about.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chevron sale!!!

Check out veryjane.com today for a great deal on my Trendy Chevron Earrings :)
Only $8.99 and cheap shipping, too!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Farewell Cody

It certainly has been a while since I've been to Utah! About 2 years? But we are back and this is a rough trip. We are dropping Cody off at the MTC. He will be serving in the Brisbane, Australia mission. It is so hard to think that we won't see him for 2 years. Olivia will be 2! (...and who knows, maybe he will cone come to meet another niece or nephew?) I am sad that Olivia will miss all the fun things uncle Cody will be gone for, but we will pick up right where we left off.
I know that he will be a better person for this sacrifice he is making of his time and talents. I know that the lord will watch over him and bring him back to us safely. I can only imagine all of the amazing adventures he is about to embark upon.
I couldn't think of a more fitting mission calling for the great outdoorsman that Cody has become.
Cody, we will miss you!
Thank you for choosing to be a missionary, you are a great example to your nieces and nephews, heck... Your great sacrifice is a great example to me, too!
Thank you. It makes me think of how I need to serve others. I need to remember the big picture. I need to think beyond today. Have I done any good in the world today?
I know that my sacrifice as a mother is a lot, but I can do more.
I am also grateful for the sacrifice my husband made when he chose to serve a mission. I know that El Salvador really changed him into the man that I love. Without his great love for the gospel I don't know where my life would be. (and I think I couldn't get away with just making rice and beans for dinner as often hahaha)
So tomorrow we will say goodbye for a few years to my little Cody.
Can you say waterproof mascara?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Moving :)

I am so happy that August is here, and the big thing on my agenda this month: MOVING! I really hate moving, I do. I have moved way too many times in the last 4 years. Hopefully this will be the last for a long while... And even though I hate the stress and physical labor involved, I am so excited that we are going to be in the northeast heights of Albuquerque. Our stay on the lower east side has been less than thrilling... Crazy loud neighbors, a dog attack, and much more has prompted us to move.
I've been patiently waiting for the move and now it's about here. Time to start packing!
We are moving to a smaller place which means I HAVE to get rid of tons of "junk"... And this means I have to part with craft supplies :(
I have finally decided that if I haven't done that craft in the last year, it's gotta go.

[So... If anyone out there is interested in crochet (I sucked at it...) or candle making (I made a huge mess with that craft attempt) let me know!]

I have a hard time purging. I think it's how I was raised. My grandparents grew up in the post-depression era, and you were supposed to hang on the everything. For example, I wanted to keep the glass bottle my juice came in because it might make a cool vase... Really? I'm hanging on to garbage. It's a new low.

My mom is a collector. She has great antique collections! I just don't have the space to be like her or my grandparents. I now face the task of sorting through all the stashes of juice bottles, scrap fabric, scrap paper, scrap jewelry... Ugh- Change is hard.

But! I'm going to be a big girl and really try to adopt the idea that less is more. I don't want to! But I will, and my husband ( who is a very organized minimalist) will hopefully love me that much more for it.
This week I will start the process of going through everything and down sizing. This is going to be hard to break my old hoarding habits, but I think it will be good for me to just let go.

Have you ever had to really change anything about yourself? Maybe eating habits or shoe addictions?
How did you do it?
Did it really feel better in the end?
Do tell...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Christmas in July

I've heard of this a million times... But do people really do Christmas shopping in July? I know that I have bought a few items here and there that were too good of a deal to pass up, but I've never actually said "it's July, better start Christmas shopping!". My mother on the other hand does.
Let me tell you... Christmas morning at my parent's has a real wow factor. We've had to warn new sisters' in law about what to expect. There are presents overflowing from the 12' tree. A real landscape of gift giving. A real reason to pee your pants as a kid and drop your jaw as an adult.
Is my mother's secret that she starts shopping so early? She always sticks to her budget and I'm always AMAZED at just how much bang she can get for her buck.

What are your thoughts?

How do you stretch your Christmas dollars?

Would you shop as early as July if there was a good deal ?

Fill me in!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome Olivia Mae!
It has been far too long since I have blogged, and as you can see from the picture, I have a pretty good reason why! Olivia is now 3 months old and I feel like Im finally a normal person again. I get enough sleep and life is going back to normal. Im finally making jewelry again YAY! 
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, sweet, beautiful baby daughter. I never knew I could love someone so deeply. I live for this baby, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me (besides my amazing husband...) and I now feel like I REALLY know what unconditional love and sacrifice are about. 
We recently had this picture and several others taken by our dear friend and talented photographer Alicia Junod. You can find here HERE or on Facebook. Alicia is seriously talented and fun to work with. She is currently working on a giveaway for a free photo shoot which will be given away when her page reaches 500 likes, so go like her page HERE and check out the other beautiful photos from Olivia's session!